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Why Single and looking

We do the matching for you based on several compatibility studies which analyze 10 different principles on human character and narrow the field from millions of candidates to a highly select group of singles that are compatible with you; just by using our compatibility matching system
  • When creating someone's profile and their needs, we take into consideration different components, like the social, emotional, physical, intellectual, sexual component. Love is all about percentages, and we explain those components compatibility percentages.
  • You do not have to analyze irrelevant personals any more.
  • To prove our capacity, we offer you a free personality description based only on a part of the test. And we are proud to report 99.6% positive feedback from our members.
  • Gentlemen, you are in high demand. 50.4% of our members are women seeking men!
  • dating website community for mature and responsible singles

    Single and Looking's purpose is to create a free dating website community for mature and responsible singles who are honestly looking for their soul mate. We run adds free and our only income source comes from members who honestly wish to find someone compatible with them and request an upgrade, which is more than useful. Anyone who disrespects this dating website will be permanently banned. We do not accept nudity, pets, cars, flowers, baby photos, artwork, or fake images. Inviting members to other dating websites is also prohibited. Giving away your email address without previously talking to a member is also prohibited (you may exchange you email addresses after getting to know each other on this dating website first). Asking for money from other members is also prohibited. As an honest member, we are kindly asking you to follow these rules and to also report anyone breaking them. Anyone looking for anything else is free to use other dating websites.

    100% FREE online dating website

    "Single and looking" offers what we believe is one of the most professional online dating website in the world, and we constantly strive to improve it. In fact, our FREE online dating service offers more than most pay-only services! However, some of our members have demanded even more, and so we have introduced an optional upgrade to enhance the service available for such users.
    If you find yourself overwhelmed by the number of profile photos and personal descriptions that you are keep on skipping through; or if you require detailed analysis of your character and your compatibility with our members you can optionally upgrade or receive a FREE upgrade with our refer-a-friend program.

    Why choose a matchmaking website

  • Choosing the right life partner is the most important step in everyone's life.
  • Some people are attractive but not photogenic and most do not hire a professional photographer, therefore photos will not do them justice.
  • Most of us are not professional writers, so personals will only give you a glimpse of who your date really is.
  • Most people do not know how to describe themselves, they are not aware of their priorities, but they can recognize their true self and their priorities in our description.
  • Find singles online on dating sites

    Dating is something that most people go through at least once during a lifetime. There are many different ways to meet someone that you would like to date ranging from online dating sites to socializing at a party. Some people are great at meeting potential dates, while others prefer to be set up on blind dates. The fact of the matter is that dating has been around for centuries now, and it looks like this type of social interaction is here to stay. In most instances, the sole purpose of dating someone is to find a potential mate who you can grow old with.
    Online dating can give you a fresh approach to finding love - why leave it to chance when you can take control of your own destiny and find love for yourself? Single and Looking is the online dating site that will help you find a date, form a lasting relationship, and discover love. We are devoted to offering member profiles, photos, personal email and more to help you get around in the online singles world and dating scene. Single and Looking helps to match your profile with a dating partner who does not only match your search criteria, but you also match theirs and who also has similar interests. So, if dating, long-term relationships, or just browsing online dating sites is your interest, try our online dating site that is working to make your single dating experience a success.
    If you're looking to find a date (or a mate), you'll find out Single and Looking helpful. We've listed all kinds of interesting dating information, so that you can get out there and find a person who you'd like to spend more time with. When it comes to dating, there is no time like the present to start networking with people who may be a perfect match for you.

    Online dating with Single and looking

    A good romance can be hard to find, no matter what films, television, or popular culture might say. Whether you are just entering the dating scene or you have bided your time looking for that right person, chances are you want someone who attracts you, who has a personality to compliment your own, and who shares other qualities that will make a connection possible. Hitting the bars may not be your preferred option; a loud, uncomfortable setting can make it difficult to start a romantic relationship with anyone, much less a stranger you have just met. Being set up on blind date can have its own drawbacks, especially if you are being pressured by family or friends to create a spark. If you want to know more about a person before you decide to approach them about a relationship, online dating can be your best option. At, we focus on specific qualities, such as singles who practice the same religion or who share the same core values. Here you can meet people like you who are looking for someone on their wavelength for a lasting relationship.
    Joining single and looking is easy: just tell us a few basic details about yourself. You will then have your own, secure access to the member areas of our website.
    Remember to get to know your match (future date) before meeting in person, and use common sense safety measures. For added privacy, only other members of Single and Looking are able to see your profile, and your email address always remains hidden.
    Membership of Single and Looking is secure and anonymous. You decide if, when and to whom you wish to reveal your real identity.